Giant Armors, Ikimasu!

Oct 13 2009

About six months ago, I stepped away from my novel series, Giant Armors. I couldn’t see a way forwards, and worried that I was pushing forward on a stale idea. These things can die.

I spent the past six months concentrating on other things. I knew that I needed time for my brain to breathe, to work on different problems, so it could approach Giant Armors again with a fresh perspective.

I looked back at the series a week ago, and discovered—to my considerable surprise and relief—that I still have the same passion for it that I had while writing Book 0 years ago. I love it, and I want to continue it.

Problem: I’ve half-published book 0 online, and am stuck on book 1. What to do?

Thanks to a video by Chris Brogan, of all things, I figured out what I need to do:

  1. Finish publishing book 0 online.
  2. Create a contest, viral if possible, that will get folks to read book 0.
  3. Re-read book 1, re-writing it from scratch if it needs that.

So I’m back to publishing chapters of book 0 on every week. I’ve been re-reading book 1, and discovering that while it needs major surgery, it can be fixed.

So, the six month Sabbatical was worth it. I have a path forward.

Now to follow it and see where it leads.

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