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One Year of Tabletop RPG Sales

About a year ago, I published two role-playing PDFs, an adventure (War in the Deep) and a sandbox setting (The City of Talon). I posted my earnings-to-date six months ago. Here’s what I’ve earned since then: Sales For The Past Six Months (June-November 2009) Product Number of Sales Gross Net War in the Deep 4 $20.00 $13.00 The City of Talon 3 $15.00 $9.75 TOTAL 7 $35.00 $21.75 Sales For The Past Year (November 2008-November […]

Role-Playing on Wave

What makes Google Wave work for role-playing games? I’ve been playing around with Google Wave for a few weeks now, primarily with role-playing Waves. These are Waves in which people pretend to be characters in a story. There are tons of ways to role-play; sitting around a table, over live text chat, or on a […]

Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 9

(This posted a couple of days late; technical issues, blah blah blah.) Here are the purchases I made this week: Saturday $38.01 Drinks, fabric, groceries Sunday $0.00 Monday $1.37 Cookies Tuesday $0.00 Wednesday $15.01 Lunch and cookies Thursday $0.00 Friday $0.00 Total $54.39 Ridiculously low expenditures this week, thanks primarily to a pot of ham […]

Gundam X

Note: This is part of my attempt to review every Gundam show that I’ve seen, which is almost all of them. This is a spoiler-free review, though I do describe the show’s premise and villains. After War: Gundam X was the third Gundam series set in its own timeline, and it suffered for it. G […]

Fight! Mobile Fighter G Gundam

This is the latest in a series of reviews about every Gundam series that I’ve seen (which, at this point, is almost all of them). My last review focused on Gundam Wing, but let’s back up for a minute. Before that, and after Victory Gundam, Sunrise decided to expand into new, “alternate universe” Gundam shows, […]

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