Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 9


(This posted a couple of days late; technical issues, blah blah blah.)

Here are the purchases I made this week:

Saturday $38.01 Drinks, fabric, groceries
Sunday $0.00
Monday $1.37 Cookies
Tuesday $0.00
Wednesday $15.01 Lunch and cookies
Thursday $0.00
Friday $0.00
Total $54.39

Ridiculously low expenditures this week, thanks primarily to a pot of ham soup I made over the weekend. This provided me with a meal every day, and the rest of my sustenance could be provided by other groceries.

And this marks the end of my weekly expenditure adventure posts. I’ve proven to myself the importance of recording my expenditures. I’ll keep doing that; I just won’t post about it here on the blog.

There’s value in public exposure too, of course. But I want to try keeping them private, to see if that’s enough.

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