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Beatdown Distraction

We’ve all been there: it’s late in the evening, you meant to be working on your current Big Project, and you suddenly realize you’ve spent the past two hours flipping through unrelated Wikipedia pages. Not because you were bored; you just got distracted. This happens to me when I’ve been racing around for most of the evening–cooking, recording videos, checking emails. I haven’t rested, so eventually […]

Transmetropolitan: GO

Transmetropolitan: GO

I just (literally, just) finished reading Transmetropolitan volume 1.  And to understand it, I must explain its context. Unfortunately, I hardly know its context myself; I wasn’t into comics when Transmetropolitan debuted in 1997. I did (and do) have enough hazy awareness of the American comic scene to know that it was absolutely dominated by spandex-clad superheroes. Along came Warren Ellis, telling the story of an insane reporter (Spider Jerusalem; what […]

Alan Davies and Stephen Fry on the set of QI

That’s Quite Interesting

I’ve been feeling ill today, so as usual when I’m feeling ill, I spent most of the day on YouTube, watching Craig Ferguson and QI. QI is a BBC TV program(me) hosted by Stephen Fry. It’s nominally a quiz show, but in the spirit of Whose Line Is It Anyway (and undoubtedly dozens of other […]

A Flash Upon the Inward Eye

Enough of my own, hand-grown code full of nasty surprises. Time for something easy and powerful. I’ve completely redesigned my website, as you’ve no doubt noticed.  Each section is its own creation.  If I want a blog, I have a blog, not some weird hand-crafted thing.

When You Have Nothing More To Give

What do you do when your psychological tank’s empty? I’m facing that today. I had an exhausting week at work, classes started Wednesday, and I DMed for 4 hours last night. It’s now Saturday morning, and I’m trying not to crash. You recharge. You do those things that truly satisfy, that excite you. Of course, […]

Coming This Summer

This is what happens when I play around on the computer for an hour:

Kindle 1 vs. Kindle 2 vs. Sony eReader

About a week ago, I received an email asking me my opinion on the Kindle versus the Sony eReader for a particular situation. I offered some advice, and was asked to post the conversation on my blog here, for the world’s benefit. So, here you go: My girlfriend wants to buy me a Kindle. I’m […]

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