It’s rainy, and I have a sore mouth, and a sore arm.  But I’m excited, for two reasons:

1) I pulled all my old blog entries off the Internet Archive, wrote a quick Python script that converted them into an RSS feed, and imported them into this blog. I’m still cleaning them up, but for the first time in a decade I have my entire blog, all in one place.  All twelve years of it.

It’s a silly project, in a way. But this is part of me, and it just felt right to consolidate it all in an easy-to-browse way. I’ve been reading back through it, and man have I been a jerk at times.

2) I’m working with an artist to re-start Red Ax, a comic idea I had several years ago, but never got off the ground. Here are some samples of the artwork:


Ax, the protagonist


Ax, possible cover image

Red Ax, antagonist

The initial antagonist

Why am I restarting a comic book?

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately.  Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto, Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan, Scott Pilgrim, the recent Unknown Soldier remake.  A wide sampling, really.

I’ve loved the comic medium for many years, despite a singular disinterest in the comics market during my youth (I’ve never been particularly enthralled by costumed superhero stories).  While my drawing skills are improving, I can’t draw like a pro yet.  So, I’m hiring an artist for this one.

Also, fortunately, the Red Ax story has stuck with me for years.  Many stories are products of their time; after a few years, they no longer tug at my brain.  This one does, and this feels like a good time to start this up again.

Why not?

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