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iFanboyI first stumbled on iFanboy when I bought my Roku a few months back. I was skimming through Revision3’s offerings, saw a show on American comics, and watched an episode.

I found a show that combines intelligence, experience, and passion. These guys know their comics, they know how to talk about comics in a way that’s helpful for any reader, and they know the limits of their knowledge. They understand that passion can be a highly personal, subjective thing, but that it’s usually indicative of some worth in a work somewhere (the passion grew from something worthwhile). And mining for the passion’s cause reveals useful information about the work.

iFanboy is run by three comic book guys, and one thing I appreciate is the specific attention they provide to each of their productions:

The blog contains miscellaneous posts about recent comic book issues and trade paperbacks, conventions, comic book movies, etc. It’s a great central resource for comic book news and reviews.

The audio podcast is an hour-long weekly show where all three hosts talk about the comics they’ve read that week (mostly new stuff). This is a fantastic window into the current zeitgeist of American comics.

The video podcast shuffles between three formats: interviews with comic writers and artists, individual segments by each host about some interesting series or work, and a sit-down with all three. This last format I like the most. One episode looked back at the Marvel Civil War, analyzing its purpose, high and low points, reception, impact, and the question of whether it achieved its goal. Another talked about Iron Man — his origin, major stories and themes, interesting characters, etc.

I’ve modeled a lot of Otaku, No Video off of iFanboy, as much as I can. It just works.

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