No More

Good gravy, I’m tired.

'Mist' by frielp on Flickr

‘Mist’ by frielp on Flickr

I’m tired of outrage.

I’m tired of walls.

I’m tired of anger.

I’m tired of working late into the night on yet another project. Because everybody’s busy. So what are you working on?

I’m tired of feeling tired.

This exhaustion is thanks to a wonderful Monday night with historicula (not in that sense!). We saw Snow White and the Huntsman, which lived down to its reviews, and afterwards we talked for hours. I laid out my recentre-evaluations of my life. She provided excellent advice (no surprise there).

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of always striving for my artificially high standards. I’m tired of staring into a glowing rectangle, hoping to find satisfaction there.

I realize I’m whining. I think I’m allowed one rare emo post.

I spent this evening eating fish and chips at a local restaurant, then reading an odd book, then watching a documentary about horror hosts. A complete “waste of an evening” to yesterday’s self.

Today, I think differently.

2 responses to “No More”

  1. Ripcrd

    Time to recharge the batteries dude.

    1. BrentNewhall

      No kidding! :-)

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