The Problem with Blogging

'Journal #41' by paperbackwriter on Flickr

'Journal #41' by paperbackwriter on Flickr

I love having a personal blog.

Yet it sits in an awkward place, like the new boyfriend at the dinner table. It’s not a cathartic private journal that records one’s angers and fears. Neither is a blog about anything other than the self. I’m too much of a Renaissance Man to give my personal blog a single topic like politics or cooking.

As such, this has become a wildly inconsistent record of my interests and thoughts. On one hand, I feel frustrated at a site that updates so infrequently and inconsistently. On the other, well, sometimes I haven’t much to say here, while I’m throwing bits on Google+ or Dr. Worldbuilder.

So. Expect more blogging here. I want to be personal again.

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  1. Brennen

    I can relate to this. My problem is that I want to say things with a little more heft than I can manage in other places, but then I find myself feeling like I need to Say Something Significant, and then naturally I don’t write anything at all…

    1. BrentNewhall


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