50 Games in 50 Weeks: Take 6

Take 6 is a card game that relies on two left-brained skills, math and probability, which usually cause my brain to leap out of my skull and run away screaming.

The game involves taking a hand of cards, each of which has a number on it from 1 to 104. Each player then lays out a card, in turn, building six columns. When building a column, a higher-value card must go on top of a lower-value one. Once a column contains six cards, the player who laid the six cards gets all the cards in the column (which is bad). The value of all cards in that column are added to that player’s score, along with multipliers represented by flags on the cards. Higher scores lose.

It’s a neat design. I particularly like that there’s only one of each card, so every card is higher or lower than every other card.

There’s a fair amount of tactics to the game, as you’re trying to minimize columns’ value…which may be changed by other players’ cards.

Its fun is directly proportional to how much you like math and probability. So. Best of luck there.

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