The Middle of my Media Fast

'Running dog' by ali_gata1970 on Flickr

‘Running dog’ by ali_gata1970 on Flickr

I’m halfway through my yearly Media Fast, a week where I consume no mass media. That means no movies, no TV, no DVDs, no books, no newspapers, no magazines, no blogs, and no music.

As happens most years, I struggle most on the first day, the middle day, and the last day. I come home from work and, after making dinner and taking care of a few duties, I dive into some form of entertainment. Might be a DVD, or a podcast, or a a YouTube video.

Instead, I come home and I have a good 5 empty hours, which I can spend cooking, baking, gardening, writing, or just relaxing with a mug of tea.

When I get into the groove of my fast, I’m amazingly productive without hurrying. It feels great.

As happens most years, I’m now promising myself that I will continue in this spirit after my fast ends. Maybe I’ll give myself half an hour of entertainment for every hour of productivity.

Most years, I don’t keep it up.

Still. I wonder how much entertainment is a treadmill. Like so many things, it’s not bad in-and-of itself, but I wonder if we haven’t surrendered our time to it.

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