Project Debt

'Bologna, Via Marco Emilio Lepido - SS9' by Pom Angers on Flickr

‘Bologna, Via Marco Emilio Lepido — SS9’ by Pom Angers on Flickr

Last night, I slept deeply and dreamed copiously. When my alarm went off, I slowly surfaced into the real world in one of those strange grey modes of thought where my mind was unfettered by reality but still aware of it. One belief crystalized:

I have too many projects.

This happens to us all; to me it happens frequently. Most of the time, I sigh, acknowledge it, and try to whack my way through the weeds of my projects.

But this time I saw the way through clearly: It’s exactly like getting out of debt.

The best way I’ve found to get out of debt is to first stop spending money (look at how you spend money and reign that in; no more new video games or DVDs or what-have-you until things are back in control), second build a list of all your debts, and third pay off your debts starting with the smallest one. By starting small, you feel accomplishment.

Same thing here: Don’t start any new projects, and start with the easiest project on the list. For me, that’s an overdue haircut. Time to get started.

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