Saturday, October 31, 1998 — Halloween

Well, I ran out to the store today and got both a UPS (no, I didn’t buy a package carrying company — a battery-backup power supply), plus a few games. LucasArt’s Grim Fandango is excellent, though rather difficult (I’m spending a fair amount of times flailing my arms around looking for the next thing to do). I really enjoyed the demo of MGM’s WarGames, which is yet another Real-Time Strategy offering. At least, this was clean and straightforward. Sadly, the game is no better than the demo and is seriously lacking in all the little things.

I also got a few bargain-bin games, both LucasArts productions. Dark Forces is still enjoyable even after all these years, even if the sound doesn’t work quite right, and I’m enjoying Outlaws more each time I play it. The latter is a 3D shooter set in the Wild West, which brings some interesting facets into the game. For one, you have to keep a closer eye on your ammo, and for another, you have to get used to retreating and reloading. Also, the level design is much more logical, as the designers are restricted to clapboard houses, barns, and so forth.

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