Monday, November 16, 1998

I’ve got a job offer from Litton/PRC, for more money and a shorter commute than my current job. I wouldn’t leave if it weren’t for that hour-long commute. Ugh.

My Mom’s turning into a geek! She’s loving her new computer, and I set her up with internet access today. She bought a connection through my ISP, but since it hasn’t come through yet, I let her connect through my connection tonight. I think she really had fun cruising the web and bookmarking some sites.

I’m really really impressed with WordPerfect 8; it’s more intuitive than MS Word and has a lot of cool features. What I like the most right now is that you can have multiple people “review” a document, making changes, then the author can go back and review those changes, reviewer by reviewer, comment by comment. WordPerfect is much more of a geeky word processor. Unfortunately, t can save into a bunch of formats, but can’t load anything beyond WordPerfect.

And according to the HREF=””>Neutronet people, the digital camera is on backorder for another two weeks at least. Arg. Still, I think I’ll wait.

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