Thursday, November 19, 1998

Well, my entry for Tuesday is lost in the I-Forgot-To-Save-Often-Enough Void, so here it is in brief: the new trailer for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is to be released to theaters tomorrow, though it already had a select engagement Tuesday. They now have a copy up on the official website in a whole slew of formats (various RealVideo versions, QuickTime, AVI). I’m trying to download it as we speak, though the server hasn’t been responding for me.

They’ve also got a really cool poster now. Yeah, the one with the shadow.

Meanwhile, has a new video section. They’ve got impressive prices (better than, including Stargate, one of my favorite SF flicks of recent years (I’m thinking of buying it). I love their review, too:

In this visually creative space adventure, a timid, glasses-wearing Egyptologist uncovers an ancient portal to another planet and is dispatched there forthwith–along with blundering, clodfooted government troops. The downtrodden populace they encounter, ruled by godlike, androgynous King Ra, must be led to literacy and freedom; Ra must be defeated; the intellectual must find his machismo; our boys must return to Earth.

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