Friday, November 20, 1998

Well, I bought my first comic yesterday. Maybe this is normal, but I can’t..stop…thinking about it. I’ll upload more info about it when I get home, but it’s called “Ax”–about the crossing of three civilizations and how each helps and hurts the others. Extremely well-written. I never could understand comics, but I think I’m getting the hang of them now….

My Mom finally got her ISP information today, so we’ll be connecting her up tonight. Outlook Express did *not* display a partial list of newsgroups when we cancelled the download the other night, so we’ll have to start that all over again. But I think she’ll get a kick out of some of the newsgroups out there. Hmmm, I really should investigate that today and come up with a few I think she’d like.

No more work on Molly with the flying disc; I’m getting home too late in the evening to be able to train her. Hopefully, though, I’ll work on her more this weekend.

I’ve lost interest in the keyglove. I’m afraid that it’ll just fall by the wayside, when it could be a really cool thing. I have this awful tendency to lose interest when things are only half-done, and I’d like to finish this now while I still have some modicum of interest.

Still no reply from on the Episode I trailer — the download keeps timing out. Evidently a lot more people than I want that trailer. I’ll keep trying. Meanwhile, some hilarious thoughts on what the world will be like when Episode I comes out.

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