Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Another sentence on the incremental story. I’ve gotta admit, it’s kinda fun. Not as easy as I originally thought, either; I can’t go back and revise later. Each sentence has to be right before I can go on.

According to a Reuters story, half of all U.S. homes have computers now. Wow.

I found a cool website for the new Wing Commander movie. Just about everyone’s been re-cast, but it looks like a great bunch of people. I’m actually really looking forward to this one. The official website,, sadly isn’t set up yet.

The Dragon Naturally Speaking people have come out with a unique new facet of their technology: software that performs voice-recognition on *recordings*. Think of it as a web search engine, for audio clips. Type “I have a dream”, and get back a list of all sound clips in your database that contain that phrase. This could suddenly make audio and video storage and retrieval much more effective.

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