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Friday, February 26, 1999

Well, Papyrus is receiving fewer good submissions. I really need to submit it as a market to a few more places. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that tonight. Still, I have stories lined up for another week or so, then I’m in trouble. I’ve concocted a fascinating little idea: writing a program that can write fiction. Starting off with a high-quality, low-variable story, and expanding it from there, I could […]

Thursday, February 18, 1999

Well, I spent last night laying in bed being read to, then falling asleep. Exciting, huh? I did read over on the official Star Wars site that the running time of the new Episode I trailer will be — get this — two and a half minutes. Yowza.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Tanjit, I hate it when people don’t bother to update their diaries during weekends and vacations. Valentine’s Day is come and gone. There’s a new story on Papyrus, from the book’s point of view. A lot of fun. I have two more ready to fire off in the coming weeks. There’s a new sentence on the incremental story. Two sentences, in fact. I’ll be leaving on Friday to go meet with Saalon, the guy who writes […]

Friday, February 12, 1999

I haven’t forgotten you. It’s just that nothing really exciting has happened. Well, OK, a few little things have come up. Daemonsong Productions is now up — it’s a producer of original content on the web. Basically, if you have an idea for some kind of written show for the web, Daemonsong Productions will put everything together for you: web space, site design, banner ads, etc. Pretty […]

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Another sentence on the incremental story. I’ve gotta admit, it’s kinda fun. Not as easy as I originally thought, either; I can’t go back and revise later. Each sentence has to be right before I can go on. According to a Reuters story, half of all U.S. homes have computers now. Wow. I found a cool website for the new Wing Commander movie. Just about everyone’s been re-cast, but it looks […]

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Papyrus is going nicely; I’ve got half a dozen submissions already. Looks like this baby’s going to fly, though granted it’s not even out of the hangar yet. I’ve finally started on the incremental story. At least one new sentence a day. Hope you all enjoy it. Nothing else particularly newsworthy. Have a great day, folks!

Monday, February 8, 1999

Sorry for not writing lately — there really hasn’t been much going on. Except for one big thing. I’ve put out a call for submissions to Papyrus, my new online SF/F magazine. I’ve already garnered one submission and several requests for more info, so it looks like this baby is going to fly. I also have an idea for this one-sentence-per-day story; I’ll hopefully flesh it out […]

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

The LucasArts website now has a complete spread on their upcoming game, X-Wing Alliance. It’s their much-anticipated final game in their Star Wars space combat simulator trilogy; it will finally allow players to fly the Millenium Falcon. Looks like another cool one. Sierra software has just recalled every copy if its NFL Football Pro ’99 game, saying that it wasn’t really […]

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Not much happening lately — I didn’t get much done last night on anything, particularly as I watched Dilbert at 8:00 and that pretty much turned things around. Work is still somewhat intense. Can’t complain, though; at least I’m not bored out of my mind. The new series by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski, Crusade, has evidently been dropped by their channel, TNT. What’s particularly grating […]

Monday, February 1, 1999

Sorry for no updates over the weekend. While chatting with some friends online on Saturday, we were talking about the RTS design I’ve worked up, and it was suggested that I start with a text-based version. If I really believe my game is that much fun, making it text-only would be quite the test. I think I’m going to do it, too. Check back here for more updates. […]

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