Wednesday, February 3, 1999

The LucasArts website now has a complete spread on their upcoming game, X-Wing Alliance. It’s their much-anticipated final game in their Star Wars space combat simulator trilogy; it will finally allow players to fly the Millenium Falcon. Looks like another cool one.

Sierra software has just recalled every copy if its NFL Football Pro ’99 game, saying that it wasn’t really ready for release. An impressive move, and one that I hope the comany will stick with. It has a history of releasing software before it’s ready, and I’d love to see it commit to waiting.

On the other hand, gamers do have a tendency to demand that games be released yesterday, so perhaps it’s not completely Sierra’s fault. Heck, they’ve released some great games over the years.

I notice over on Brennen’s Homepage that he’s trying to think of more to do with his site. I’ve been having similar thoughts (no big surprise there), and have decided on something.

Carrie O’Kaye and Clay Boutilier are in the process of writing a manga-style comic book, and they’re publishing each page of Aphasia on the web as they’re drawn. They do approximately one page a week, though they’re behind about a month at the moment. It’s a beautiful comic book (GRAPHIC NOVEL!), well worth reading. In any event, I’ve been thinking about writing a story, one sentence (or more) per day. No matter whether it’s good or bad, just something interesting, and one that will hopefully make this site a little more dynamic. I’ll start thinking up a decent premise, and hopefully post something in a week or so. Thoughts?

Speaking of online comics, I found a nice one in ArcMage, a modern tale of a journalist searching for “Real Magic.” Straight-out good (IMHO, of course).

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