Friday, June 4, 1999

Don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay connected here — my ISP’s telnet connection has been extremely flaky of late.

Well, my Palm III did indeed come yesterday, and it’s working fine. The main problem is that, in trying to free a COM port for the cradle (so I can transfer useful apps onto the Palm), I managed to fry my keyboard/mouse/monitor switcher (which I use so I can have the same monitor, mouse, and keyboard for both of my computers). With that dead, I can’t do much. I managed to wire up my BeOS system so I could do a bit of programming on that, last night, but I’ll have to either buy a new switcher tonight, or if that’s too expensive, set up both of them as separate systems again.

In any event, I’m reserving my judgment of the Palm until I can get some interesting applications onto it. I also want to try reading a story or two.

I think I’m slowly getting the hang of how BeOS programming works. I’ve got a very simple game that I’m putting together; it’s a conceptually straightforward sidescroller that should bring in quite a bit of interesting stuff (music, sound effects, threads, animation). I’m rather excited.

I’ve taken to running seti@home during the day while I’m at work. It’s worked pretty well thus far, though it does take over the system something awful. I understand the Windows and Mac versions don’t have this problem.

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