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Wednesday, June 30, 1999

The crisis at work has passed, pretty much, so I’m back to a normal work schedule. I’m hoping to skip out early today and take care of a certain lost check book. :-/ Ooooh, incidentally, I set up a very cool piece of software called Fictional Daemon that acts as a telnet/FTP server on my home machine. This lets me telnet in to my machine at home and browse the files there. Then I can FTP files […]

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Well, I’m back on my feet, pretty much. I was knocked out for the whole weekend, though, pretty much. What sort of excitement to report? Well, I was having a fun time last week trying to contact all of the youth at church (thankfully, there’s only about half a dozen). We try to do a service where the youth run the entire service every so often, but I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. It […]

Friday, June 25, 1999

The flu fought back. I’ve been in bed for the past few days. Nothing to report.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

I’ve been fighting off the flu for the past few days, thus no updates in that time. Not much to report on, as I’ve been laying abed evenings. Work’s going well; I did some code revamping, resulting in a much cleaner product.

Monday, June 21, 1999

Ever have one of those weekends where everything looks free and available for use, then is suddenly filled up with things to do at the last moment? I was literally busy all day Saturday, then spent most of Sunday out (Father’s Day, and all that). Come Sunday night, I was too tired to be able to do anything really useful. So, I watched TNT‘s original movie Pirates of Silicon […]

Friday, June 18, 1999

D’oh! I found out last night that I forgot to register my copy of BeOS, and unless I did so, I wouldn’t be getting 4.5. Ah well, I registered, so hopefully my CD should be arriving in fairly short order. I was working late last night, so I didn’t get much done in anything. I’ve worked out a few features of my BeOS application, so hopefully I should have a fairly useful version done […]

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Phew! Got a lot done last night. Papyrus is now back on-track, and I did some more BeOS programming. It’s coming along. I caught a very good movie the other day: Mr. Jealousy, about a guy who’s so jealous about his girlfriend’s past boyfriends that he not only follows one of them, he also joins his psychotherapy group. As someone else. Great romantic comedy […]

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

I’m impressed. Be, Inc. is sending a free upgrade CD to every single registered user of BeOS R4. Automatically. Very Cool. I may be going to St. Louis on business in the next day or two, so diary updates might get screwy in the short term. And I won’t have any time to do more BeOS development! :-( I found some very nice apps for BeOS the other day: ArtPaint, a BeOS equivalent […]

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Got a nice amount of sleep last night, so you all can stop sending flowers and condolence cards. Programming for the BeOS is frustrating. :-) I don’t have enough experience with GUI programming, so writing decent apps is not as easy as I’d ideally like. Which is normal for any programming language, of course. But still, arg. I’ve been a bit depressed about Papyrus lately — […]

Monday, June 14, 1999

Note to self: Get more than 3.5 hours of sleep at night. I’m having loads of fun with BeOS development (and no, I’m not being sarcastic). My Finance application is getting sorted out, and I think I can make a rather nice program out of it. The idea is to make a polite, flexible financial application that lets people keep track of accounts easily and automatically (checking accounts, savings accounts, bills). […]

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