Friday, July 9, 1999

Accountability is coming on strong. Basic checking account functionality is there (adding a check, adding a deposit, having the total balance out properly), and before I came in to work this morning I got a window to auto-save its position between opening and closing the window. And you can restore it to defaults simply by deleting the file. I’m very pleased. All that’s left is to display money properly (as it is it just displays the amount, without two decimal places at the end), and deleting a transaction after it’s been added.

I just ran across a very interesting webpage that basically offers up a solution for paying an author for whatever works s/he authors, in a world of free and instantaneous copies (e.g. the internet). It suggests that the publisher (or author) set up a system whereby people can donate a certain amount of money to a fund, and if that fund hits a certain limit, the author will release more of his/her work. If the fund does not reach that limit by some date, all donations are refunded. There are other refinements, but it sounds like it’s worth thinking about.

Well, so far the Lord of the Rings movie has only a few actors signed on. Sounds like this film is shaping up quite nicely.

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