Friday, September 10, 1999

Yesterday went quite well — I got my shopping done, with enough ingredients to make dinner tonight. I’ve been in a baking mood lately, particularly after my Cornish Pasties came out so well. Tonight we’ll be having Chicken Honey Mustard Pie, courtesy of Pie

I was amazed to see Pokemon stuff everywhere. Not that that’s a bad thing; it’s just that everybody was selling something Pokemon-related.

One neat thing to see was at a cart selling anime-related merchandise in the middle of a shopping mall. Two women in their late 20’s were poring over Pokemon trading cards, excitedly debating which ones they had and which ones they really wanted. Maybe Japanese animation really is becoming popular in America. Cool.

I’ve put together two window’s worth of my newsreader, Informant. It’s not much, but I know exactly what functionality to put in there.

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