Thursday, September 9, 1999

I’m planning to spend a good part of today doing errands — I have a few birthday presents to pick up, plus some groceries to get, and I haven’t bothered to get the battery in my watch replaced for months.

Following Brennen’s suggestion, I’ve decided to suspend my work on a discussion board. It would have been fun to implement, but he’s right — I’d need more traffic on this site first. And I certainly have other things to work on.

Speaking of which, I’ve begun work on that newsreader, tentatively named “Informant”. It’s shaping up nicely (wish I could say the same for Accountability, which just plain refuses to compile).

But enough about me. Descent has been ported to BeOS, and Shogo: Mobile Armored Division is being ported. The Shogo engine is purportedly freely available for others to use in their games, so if Shogo gets ported well, it should put a very nice 3D engine in the hands of BeOS developers. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of that.

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