Thursday, November 18, 1999

Stumbled across Microsith, a refreshingly non-vitriolic spoof of Microsoft, and its similarities to the Empire in a certain galaxy far, far away. Very well done (particularly the mock interview with Gates, and the annoying pop-up Darth Paperclip).

Last night was rather interesting — I had planned to spend a lot of time on Informant, but the computing editor at wanted to chat about my progress. Looks like I’ll be accepted as their BeOS Guide! Cool beans.

The upshot is that I stayed up far too late into the night trying to solve a few Informant problems. I didn’t fully resolve them, but I did make progress. It’ll now download a list of newsgroups, except that because of limitations in variable size it dies out after a certain number of newsgroups. I’m going to have to do quite a bit of more work on that. Plus I tried to implement windows that will save their positions; unfortunately, for some reason, BeOS is returning back some VERY odd numbers regarding the actual size of the window. I’ll have to get help on that.

All that, and two new photos on You Must Be Kidding Me! Life is good!

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