Monday, December 13, 1999

I should just resign myself to not updating my page on the weekend. How embarrassing (sp?).

In any event. I spent Saturday Christmas shopping, and Sunday relaxing. Church went well, including my leading the congregation in a set of Christmas carols. AWANA was a lot of fun. I need to remind myself to double-check on getting some extra-special Pokemon stuff for the kids.

I also spent some time IRC chatting on #gamedev on AFTERnet. #gamedev is‘s official chat home, and it has a good group of people. I’m looking forward to having some interesting game design discussions there.

re-ran across the MacQuarium plans today; it details how to turn a Mac into an aquarium (Aquaria by Jim is also a good resource). Very cool stuff. I’d love to do that to an old monitor one of these days. If one or the other of my Solaris monitors turns out to not work, I may very well do it.

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