Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Wow, not even an update on Tuesday. Yikes.

I’ve added a new Networking section to my BeOS site. I must admit that I’m rather proud of it, though it definitely needs an introduction page.

I’ve started designing a game for the BeOS Game Coding Competition. It’ll be a bit like a top-down version of Privateer, only not nearly as pretty. :-) I plan to use simple unfilled 2D polygons to display each vehicle, except that each vehicle will be built out of distinct segments (engines, weapons, cargo containers, etc.), which should make the game interesting. The game will start just after your fleet is mostly destroyed by an unknown force, leaving your father dead and your ship the only survivor. The rest of the game will focus on you building up your cargo-hauling business while finding out who killed your father. I hope. :-)

Informant’s chugging along. I’ve really got to test whether it can post to newsgroups.

I see that Charles Schultz is retiring at the beginning of the new year. Sad to see him go, though I certainly appreciate his decision. We’ll miss you, Chuck.

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