Monday, December 6, 1999

Uh-oh. There’s a new BeOS newsreader out there, namely Gossip. It might blow Informant away.

Which is not necessarily a terrible thing; I was spending huge amounts of time on Informant and was really struggling with it. This might be an opportunity to work on something different, like BeSpy (a GameSpy for the BeOS), or an intelligent agent I’m thinking of developing. I’m hoping to download Gossip tonight to see how it is.

Though now that I think about it, this might give me the impetus I need to make Informant better than Gossip. Informant still has a few bugs that I can’t solve, but what’s to prevent me from hiring out a BeOS guru to fix them, for a one-time fee? Then I could concentrate on making Informant better than all the other newsreaders out there.

My site, Focus on BeOS, is coming along nicely. I’m slowly filling out the actual content with some various and sundry sections, including networking help and information about BeOS games. I’m having more fun than I expected, perhaps because I’m providing a service that people would find interesting.

I also spent last night talking with Saalon (the man behind Daemonsong) about becoming the Guide to web-based fiction. I verified with the Computing Editor that doesn’t have a section like that yet, so hopefully Saalon can corner that particular section at some point. We hope. I know he’d be great at it, and I think this would be a good opportunity for him.

And here’s to hoping that the Mars Polar Lander is contacted. If not, this could spell major restructuring of the space program. Which is stupid, because they should expect this sort of thing to happen. It’s space travel, after all; I’m surprised more people haven’t died and more equipment hasn’t been lost yet. Space ain’t forgiving, folks. Live with it, and let’s keep on exploring that cosmos.

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