Tuesday, December 7, 1999 — Pearl Harbor Day (USA)

I woke up this morning a bit depressed. I don’t really know why. It’s pretty much passed now, though.

If you’re at all interested in web page design, check out Dan’s Web Tips. It’s an excellent overview of the various “tricks” that you can perform with HTML, and reasons why you shouldn’t (or should) use them. I tend to agree with his basic philosophy on how to think about websites; that the web isn’t about pixel-by-pixel control over the final presentation of your site. There are way too many browsers (and too many combinations of view settings) to guarantee that a meticulously-designed site will work on every browser out there.

I mailed out my payment for the Sun keyboard and mouse the other day. As soon as I receive them, I’ll try to hook up the workstations I got from work, and see if they’re at all functional.

And I just came across something that tickles me every time I think about it. Galaxy Quest is the upcoming movie that basically spoofs Star Trek — not only the show, but the fandom empire that the show spawned. The official website is on Amazon.com, but that’s not what tickles me. It’s the fake fan page that they’ve put up. It’s supposedly from a fan of the original show that (according to the movie) aired in the 70’s, and is a cryingly funny spoof of fan web pages in and of itself. It actually includes plot summaries for the series, shots from the original series; the whole shebang is right there. Not only am I impressed at the level of detail, but it’s a whole lot of fun to just surf through the site. Kudos!

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