Sunday, January 2, 2000

Well, we all seem to be alive. Y2K has yielded no major problems. Mot even any minor problems.

Nothing major’s happened this past week. I was off on Friday, and spent most of the day either working on Informant, or chatting on the internet. I also saw Galaxy Quest, which was excellent. Very impressive.

I’m hooking up with the maker of Baxter, a BeOS IRC client, to write some event scripting code for him. My code will, hopefully, let people write simple scripts to act on various events. It’ll be based on mIRC’s scripting. We’ll see how it goes.

Informant’s stalled again. I may have to contract out some outside help to get all of the little bugs and things fixed. Blah.

I’ve set up a 1999 archive page with all of my 1999 diary updates, too.

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