Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Wake from thy nest, robin-red-breast,
  Sing, birds, in every furrow;
And from each hill, let music shrill
  Give my fair Love good-morrow!
Blackbird and thrush in every bush,
  Stare, linnet, and cock-sparrow!
You pretty elves, amongst yourselves
  Sing my fair Love good-morrow;
    To give my Love good-morrow
    Sing, birds, in every furrow!
— T. Heywood, Pack, clouds, away, and welcome day

It’s a beautiful day here around the nation’s capitol. The air is still chilly enough to make you feel alive, but it’ll be warming up to the lower 60’s as the day goes along. And it’s not even March yet! We are, indeed, fortunate.

Fixed a few little bugs in Informant last night. More details on that at its homepage.

Other than that, I had to return a book to one of my AWANA kids (he’d left it behind at the church), then stopped by the grocery store to pick up some dog food. That pretty much took up the evening, though I was able to record a few thoughts for that short story; mainly just what I mentioned yesterday. Next week I’ll work on a scene-by-scene outline for the story.

I’m thinking of turning the little yard outside my room into a bird garden. I’ve been trying to collate a list of plants that birds like. They’re particularly attracted to plants that provide cover, and ones that bear fruit or nuts, but I’m more interested in flowers. Ah well. About.com‘s Birding site has been a good starting point for me.

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