Thursday, March 2, 2000

Ugh. I lost yesterday’s update due to a random lock-up in Windows NT. I normally save pretty early and pretty often, but this one caught me unawares.

Fox Trot (the website for the comic strip) is running a terrific faux advertising campaign spoofing the new iMac. The strip had a series that followed the launch of the “iFruit,” a computer that’s so trendy it causes Beanie Baby-style fanaticism in adults, and changes wallpaper to be more attractive. The actual wallpaper in the room. In any event, the website lets you buy real iFruit T-shirts, in Mango, Huckleberry, and Plum — and at $14.95, they’re not expensive at all.

Meanwhile, it’s March, which means I have money again. I’ve been trying to save up a retirement nest egg, and to do so, I wrote up a spreadsheet and have been limiting myself to $200 per month. Now, I’m ready to spend money again. :-) I’ll probably wait a week before making any major purchases, though.

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