Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Saalon tipped me off to a new Sci-Fi Channel show: Exposure. It’s an hour-long showcase of original short film, in the SF/fantasy/horror genre. Impressively, out of the five shorts used, only one was sucky. Tim Burton’s short piece “Vincent” was hilarious, as was “Robotic Showdown” (?). Good stuff, well worth watching.

Saalon was online as the show played, so we got to watch it together, in a virtual sense. It fired up my imagination so much that now I want to make my own short film. Perhaps, with some creativity (and Lost Marble’s animation package Moho), I can put something together.

Meanwhile, Dad and I finished up a few things on my French door. We got the brick molding in, added insulation where needed, and put up a piece of drywall. Now all we need to do is finish up the electrical work for the double switch next to the door (one to control the outside lights, and one to control the fountain). Tonight I’ll pick up the rest of the supplies we need, set up the five pots that I bought, and plant the flowers and plants that I bought.

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