Saturday, June 3, 2000

Well, today was devoted mostly to chores. My parents are still away, which has been pleasant. Not that I dislike their company; far from it. Rather, it’s nice to just be alone and have to take care of onesself. No interruptions (or very few).

I ran out to Home Depot around noon, then stopped in at a nearby Friendly’s for lunch. Big mistake. Turns out they were having a spot of trouble with the kitchen staff. I ordered a chicken platter and a Fribble (which is like a chocolate shake); they didn’t make the Fribble, and the rest of the meal was lukewarm. At least mine came out relatively quickly; it took the folks next to me about an hour to get their food. There were two separate walk-outs in our little corner of the restaurant alone. They sure lost my business.

I found it interesting that the folks next to me were excusing this behavior by saying that it’s so hard to get good kitchen help these days. I should have spoken up, because I disagree: I think there are plenty of good people, it’s just that restaurants are slow to fire bad people. They’ll find employees who are OK, and keep them on until there’s some sort of major problem. No! You have to remember how much a single employee can cost a company in lost revenue, and how much revenue another employee can gain. Be quick to fire; maybe the next person will be a lot better.

I had an upset stomach for the rest of the day too, now that I think about it.

But other than that, the rest of the day went well. I did some more casual gardening, and came up with a great new idea for my side garden (a brick patio in one corner, with one of those portable cooking fireplace stove things, like the Coleman 5065–700 fireplace and grill). In the evening, I set out a few things for a surprise for my parents tomorrow morning. >:-)

Oh, and I posted a review of Neon Genesis: Evangelion, as promised, on Points of View.

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