Saturday, July 15, 2000

Work is starting to get heavy again. I’m actually at work, now, to do some testing. As a result, I’m missing CardCaptors (a.k.a. Card Captor Sakura). :pout:

I’ve been terribly behind on doing stuff for my BeOS site, and with working today, I won’t be able to get much done on that. Maybe on Sunday, but I like to take that as a day of rest. Arg.

I’m spending some time fiddling with an idea for a space opera novel, or series of novels. I’ve uploaded a diary of my thoughts, as I get them.

My aunt and cousin are coming up for the weekend. They stayed at a hotel Thursday and Friday, then will be arriving at our home some time today and staying with us through Tuesday. They’re good folks, so that’ll be cool. I’m actually planning to go see X-Men with my cousin tonight. I’m anxious to see how the movie turned out.

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