Thursday, August 31, 2000

Well, I went out for a job interview at Intersect, a local start-up software company. They offered me $15K more than I’m maknig now, plus stock options. I’m kinda trying to think of any reasons not to take it. Basically, I really like the people I’m working with now, plus I’m getting to the point where I have some real expertise. OTOH…I’m not exactly happy there. Well, I’ll think and pray about it, then we’ll see.

But on the way back from the interview, my faithful truck conked out on me. I was fortunate enough to be about fifty yards from a gas station at the time, and they picked it up for me while my Mom came in her car. I drove her home, then went on to work. Then proceeded to try to arrange for something manageable wit Geico, the gas station, finding an auto body shop, and working out a rental car.

I didn’t do so well on that last front, but I have worked out a schedule where I’ll take Mom’s car to work tomorrow, we’ll work out something with transporting the truck to the auto body shop, then getting a rental car on Tuesday (Monday being Labor Day).

As a result, I had to spent a VERY long day at work, not leaving until 8:00. And then I had to go to Home Depot and get my Dad’s birthday present. In case he’s reading this, I’ll wait until later to reveal what it is.

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