Tuesday, August 29, 2000

I definitely had a full day of work today. Several of the program managers at the sites we support came in to our facility to watch us go through a few of our major test procedures. It was my job (along with Kim, the other tester) to demo those procedures, explaining the changes to the system and how they affected various pieces of PERMS, as well as demonstrating that these new pieces actually do work. We were all very amiable, but I was in Presentation Mode all day, so I got home tired.

I decided to try to jump on IRC, but couldn’t connect to anywhere except events.scifi.com, so I relaxed my ban on that server (long story there) and chatted with some good old friends there for awhile. ‘Twas a lot of fun. I hope I can re-join that server at some point.

I actually just shot off an e-mail to one of the higher-up admins there, to see if they can’t get some conduct rules in-place. It’s something I’ve been arranging for a long time; we’ll have to see what happens. It’s not exactly fertile ground right now, but I’d be willing to do till some soil if need be.

Other than that, I had a nice long chat with my folks about upcoming vacations and such. Nothing major, just a pleasant conversation. I need to spend more time with them, actually.

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