Friday, September 22, 2000

Work is picking up. I have actual work to do, which is nice. It’s mainly little fiddly things that I’ve noticed about the interface that will make the whole experience a little smoother for the potential user.

Meanwhile, I spent some time yesterday mucking about with creating a WinAmp skin. It’s surprisingly easy-to-do; a skin is just a .zip file or folder with a bunch of .bmp files in it. You just edit the .bmp files and you’ve got a new skin. Of course, the skin I’ve been working on sucks, mainly because I’m making all the classic rookie mistakes. But that’s OK; I expect that. I’ll try to finish up this one, then start from scratch on a new one which will probably have a few major mistakes because of the sheer scale of doing it right, then the next one after that should be pretty decent.

I also found out that my initial deposit to my account was already placed in there; they just never notified me. Arg. Still, I’ve placed my first order, so that should be good.

What BUYandHOLD does is let you buy stock, then will hold and automatically re-invest your dividends back into that stock. So, you can just accumulate money. The focus is less on day-trading and more on making it cheap for you to acquire stock and hold it for the long-term.

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