Sunday, September 24, 2000

Saalon just left the house. We definitely had a successful weekend.

Saturday morning was spent cleaning, then finishing my pond. Yep, it’s done — all that I want to do now is add a few more rocks around the pond to make it look a little more natural. Then Saalon arrived, and after working out directions for his Mom to go down to a relative’s to stay, we watched various episodes of Cowboy Bebop (a very fun action/adventure space opera-ish anime series) and Burn Up W (an annoyingly cliched and oversexed action/adventure cop anime show), and all of Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness (the weakest of the three Tenchi movies, but still a fun time).

The weather was comfortable for Sunday and the Maryland Renaissance Fair; somewhat humid but with a nice temperature. A few minutes after I woke up, my parents left for church, then I fully got up and went upstairs to rouse Saalon, who had just woken up. The trip to the fair was uneventful, and nothing particularly noteworthy happened at the fair. Saalon had a huge turkey leg for lunch (“to complete the experirence”), and I spent 45 minutes waiting in line to do a wall climb. That was fun, though; everyone got three tries, but amazingly enough I made it up on the first try. It’s somewhat difficult, but not as hard as I expected.

Then we came back to my house, where we watched chunks of Battle Athletes Victory (a fun show about Olympics-style sports competition in the future), Sakura Wars (an incredible alternate-history SF/fantasy show, impressively deep and character-driven), and Record of Lodoss Wars (which can best be described as a transcribed AD&D campaign), before watching the first half-hour of Venus Wars (check out my POV review for more on that). Then Saalon’s Mom showed up, and they left for their hotel. Myself and my parents chatted about a whole bunch of stuff before finally wandering off to bed (we were all pretty tired).

Saalon and I also got a chance to compare notes about J. Michael Straczynski’s Rising Stars comic book series, which is a very impressive dramatic story about superheroes who act very human, in a very human world. We’re each getting different issues and telling each other what happens.

Back to work tomorrow. I’m starting to get into the swing of things now. And we’ll be bringing in a User Interface company to help us out this week. I half expected to violently disagree with them on a lot of issues, so it should be interesting.

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