Friday, September 29, 2000

Ooooh, just stumbled across an Ain’t It Cool News tidbit that has me drooling. There’s a rumor that Warner Brothers has tapped, for the role of the aged Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman Beyond film…none other than Paul Newman. Wow. Newman would be perfect; he has that weathered look to him, like he’s really been places, done tough things. And he can pull off a gruff demeanor easily.

I decided to toss out being actually productive last night, and instead watched TV. Tenchi in Tokyo is downright amazing; the sucky comedy of the earlier episodes is giving way to powerful romantic drama. And not sappy romance; Tenchi and Sakuya have a mature, deep, loving relationship. And then she dies. Sorta.

I also caught reruns of the American Whose Line Is It Anyway, as well as the Babylon 5 episode “Soul Hunter,” and some of The Powerpuff Girls. Sure, sure, huzzah. Who cares. What can I say; Powerpuff Girls rock.

I zipped around the net looking for more Niea Under 7 content, but was not rewarded. Not many people are talking about this show, though I’m getting hundreds of hits on UFO Dreams (thanks mainly to my AniPike listing).

An online friend asked me to help him code a MUD. I don’t know why, but I really found it difficult to say “yes;” I’m doing all sorts of things these days, and just won’t be reliable. I can help out now and again, but that’s about it. I have this sinking feeling that they’re going to count on me to do all sorts of stuff. Being the most experienced coder in any project can have its downsides.

I’ve been contemplating how to make this site better. I still like the frame on the left, but I need to integrate more content, I think. I want to make this a bit more like SpinnWebe. Maybe I should bite the bullet and make this whole thing a CGI-based scripted thing. Though that will require one of two things; huge, hard-to-remember URLs like p=h&r=10, or rebuilding all of the HTML files through a server-side program every time I modify the site. And since has shut off my telnet access, the latter is not an option for now. What do you think?

Oh. And check out SpinnWebe‘s discoveries in The Schumin Web. Ouch. I was amazed to find that when you try to right-click on anything on that site, a JavaScript pop-up informs you “Thank you for right-clicking The Schumin Web!” Totally preventing you from, say, saving an image, or using ANY right-click menus. Brilliant.

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