Saturday, September 30, 2000

Ever since Be announced their “focus shift” towards the Internet Appliance market, the community has heard lots of complaints that that’s stupid, nobody will buy IA’s, it’s a tiny niche, etc. This morning, I opened up our paper, and was greeted with a full-page color Compaq ad for their new “iPaq” IA (they even call it an Internet Appliance). Sure looks like a doomed market to me.

Sorry, just had to gloat there.

Spent a lovely morning in my garden, doing my devotions and planning a bit for the future. Next year, my garden should be filled out reasonably. It’s good to have a project like this; gardening is a joy, and a mental relaxer.

We at Intersect are now talking excitedly with several large companies (“large” as in “tens of thousands of employees”) about partnering on technological issues. As usual, they’re very excited at the prospect of our software. Now there’s a nice feeling: knowing you’re involved in a project that is exciting people.

Anyway. I watched the first two Cowboy Bebop DVD’s today. CB is a sci-fi pulp adventure anime series with a darkly humorous edge. High-budget, beautiful, and just cruise ships full of fun.

And hey. Wanna play Hangman? I’ve written up a little script to let you play. Pretty easy to use. The image of the hanging guy really really sucks, but I’ll try to scan a little cartoon guy soon. Though hanging a cute little cartoon dude may be sort of macabre. Eh, whatever.

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