Monday, October 23, 2000

OK, so I need to update to point it to my new provider, WebMages. I submit the request to Network Solutions, who then e-mail me with an authorization request. I reply. Slight problem: The e-mail address that I had provided was, which is aliased to my old e-mail account. So when I reply, the reply comes from Network Solutions replies back saying that they can’t be sure if I’m really who I say I am, so they’ll have to contact the other admin contact on the record.

Of course, the admin contact was at, which has now been bought out by Frontline. So the admin contact information NS has is outdated; they’re never going to get a response. And when I try to change the contact e-mail address, I run into a similar problem (though I don’t quite know why).

On top of that, when I try to call Network Solutions, I find that I’m not put on hold; when all of their “representatives” are busy, I’m just told to call back later. Now that’s service.

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