Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Not too much to report. Stopped by the Jacksons last night, for Pastor’s 90th birthday. I say this because one day I’ll be reading this diary, and will tear up when I see the name of Pastor Jackson.

I ordered a four anime soundtrack CD’s yesterday; the first soundtrack CDs for Gundam Wing, Battle Athletes Victory, Tenchi in Tokyo (Sakuya’s theme is beautiful), and Cowboy Bebop (one word: Tank!).

I also found out that Fox Kids is putting Escaflowne on hold. It’s not a cancellation notice, but the reporter did point out that shows that are put on hold are rarely brought back off of hold.

If Fox does indeed drop Escaflowne, I just pray they sell it to Cartoon Network.

I fiddled around with my camcorder the other night. Didn’t do much, but I recorded some test shots. I had to install my digital video card — which took a total of three minutes in BeOS — but didn’t have the Firewire cable available. I’ll have to go grab it tonight.

I also talked with Saalon about anime and stuff in general. The poor guy’s working 40 hours this week (and 40 hours next week). Which, no matter how you slice it, is a lot for a part-time job.

I’m eyeing two beautiful Sakuya cels on eBay: one is a nice face shot, while the other features a very nice full-body pose. It’s hard to choose, and I don’t really want two Sakuya cels.

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