Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Work’s going well.

I was determined to get out of the office at noon, even if I didn’t eat anything, just to clear my head. I drove over to a nearby mall and sat in the food court, a pad of paper on my knees and a mechanical pencil in my hand, trying to improve my drawing skills. I tried to draw a man who was eating near me, but it didn’t look very similar to him, and he ended up looking skinny when he should have looked fat. Ah well. I also practiced drawing a couple of hands, which helped I think.

I had loads of fun with Quicktime for Windows. When I tried loading a new anime music video, it informed me that it needed to download a new codec. I fired up an internet connection on that machine, and was rewarded with an unannounced 5 MB download, commencing about ten minutes before I had to go to work. And of course, once I get home it’ll probably be cowerering in a corner of the screen, asking me to push a button to continue with installation. Grrrr.

But meanwhile. I found an amazing video at Toonami: Digital Arsenal: an operetta summary of season 3 of the action/adventure TV show Reboot, sung to “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” from The Pirates of Penzance. Hilariously, brililantly funny.

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