Friday, February 23, 2001

Eeek! Haven’t updated in awhile.

finished my Katsucon report, by posting a bunch of pictures from the con. I’m very pleased.

Saalon’s coming down for the weekend, in preparation for a job interview at Intersect! Isn’t that cool? If he gets the job, he and Erin will be moving down here.

While he’s down here, we may work on an anime music video. More info on that coming later.

Meanwhile, I asked my boss at work if I could move away from coding, and onto documentation as much as possible. It’s not that I hate coding; it’s just not much fun in this particular environment. And I want to beef up my writing experience.

That’s about it. Weather’s been screwy with a sudden, big snowstorm last night, but it’s mostly melted away now. Nothing major except for a 100-car pileup on Route 1. Yes, a 100-car pileup. Ouch.

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