Saturday, February 24, 2001

Saalon’s down for the weekend, and we’re having a great time. After I showed him around Intersect, we watched a bit of anime: Photon, Rurouni Kenshin TV (the whole DVD, actually), Princess Mononoke, and Tenchi Muyo! TV (between watching anime music videos and my video footage from Katsucon).

[Princess Mononoke cover art]

Princess Mononoke is breathtaking. It has a complex plot that really defies easy analysis — there’s definitely a lot of action scenes, but there’s also a lot of drama, but the character interactions are complex, while there’s a deep romantic element…I could go on. It reminds me a bit of Watership Down, in terms of being very hard to nail down to a single theme or style.

Either way, I loved Mononoke (my first Miyazaki film). Absolutely loved it. I’m looking forward to watching Castle of Cagliostro (another Miyazaki) as soon as I can.

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