Monday, February 5, 2001

Stand here by my side and turn, I pray,
  On the lake below thy gentle eyes;
The clouds hang over it, heavy and gray,
  And dark and silent the water lies;
And out of that frozen mist the snow
In wavering flakes begins to flow;
      Flake after flake
They sink in the dark and silent lake.

See how in a living swarm they come
  From the chambers beyond that misty veil;
Some hover awhile in air, and some
  Rush prone from the sky like summer hail.
All, dropping swiftly or settling slow,
Meet and are still in the depths below.
— William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878), “The Snow-Shower

I had good success with some work on Mozart last night. The program will now open and save projects, and the musical notes are drawn (crudely, but definitely drawn) on the Sheet Music window. So that feels good.

I’ve been trying to be more productive at work. I’ve been goofing off here and there, and I don’t want to be. So, I re-committed myself to trying to be as productive as possible while I’m at work.

Unfortunately, that’s been a rather difficult goal at the moment, since we on the client team are waiting on the server team to finish up modifications to their side of things. OTOH, I’m hoping that by being extra committed now, it’ll be easier to be committed later.

So. What did I do today? After helping my Mom write query letters for the articles and mystery book she’s written, I watched the first two episodes of the Rurouni Kenshin TV series. I liked the show a lot, though it’s rather hard for me to write a concise review right now. It’s a lot like Buffy or Tenchi Muyo!: good comedy, good drama, and good characters, with occasional flashes of brilliance. I’m looking forward to more from this show.

Oh, and a happy 19th birthday to Dave from Neobaka.

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