Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Got home from work at 10:15 tonight, but that was mainly because I spent about an hour playing card games with some friends at work. They were both…interesting.

The first is called “Lunch Money,” and it simulates 8-year-old girls fighting tooth-and-nail on the playground. You have cards like “Kick,” “Poke in the Eye,” “Combo Attack,” “Block,” “Dodge,” etc., all accompanied by bizarre, artsy images of little girls. It’s played like a fairly traditional card game, and each player has fifteen health points, which are decreased as the various attacks connect. Most of the fun lies in the verbal attack descriptions and insults.

We also played “Fluxx,” a game in which the rules change as you play. In fact, some of the cards themselves change the rules (ITO limits on the cards in each player’s hand, how many cards you draw per hand, etc.), or the win conditions, or other things. The game doesn’t devolve into total chaos, mainly because all of the cards are laying out on the table (so you can see all the rules that apply at any given time), and you can only have one particular type of rule card in play (as a new card of that type is played, the old one is discarded). It’s insane, and relies a lot on the luck of the draw, but there’s still some strategy there. A lot of fun, really.

Lessee. I also bought some wooden lattice at a nearby Home Depot, in preparation for a particular gardening thing I’m gonna do. I’ve updated my garden page with more on that.

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