Friday, March 23, 2001

I’m getting seriously addicted to playing Quake 2, now that I’ve found the glory of bots (bots with skins, too). Right now I’m playing with CRbots that look like Battle Angel Alita, a battle droid from The Phantom Menace, a Valkyrie transformable fighter from Macross/Robotech, Priss from Bubblegum Crisis (original) in her hardsuit, and Soundwave (the Decepticon Transformer). Man, is this fun.

Meanwhile, last night I got the idea in my head to write a deathmatch-style game, using an overhead perspective. Would look very simple, but I think I have some interesting ideas on how to spice up deathmatch play, like a destructible (and constructible) environment. More details to come as I write my ideas down.

And I really need to write a few anime reviews for Points of View. Which should be moving to its own domain soon, if we can get all of that worked out.

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