Monday, March 26, 2001

Spent a lot of time with Saalon and Brennen last night, discussing the new character designs for Wine. They liked designs that I didn’t, and the ones that I liked, they didn’t like. And while it is my project and ultimately my choice, I’ve asked for more designs to look over before deciding.

Wine is progressing nicely, though. The character designs are getting very close to what I want, and they look gorgeous.

What else. I hear there’s going to be a new Babylon 5 movie, which will serve as the pilot for a possible new B5-based series. This world could use more B5.

As part of a new initiative at McLean Bible Church, their AWANA club has started carrying a collectible card game called Redemption. It’s based on Christian themes, with the advantage of being quite well-designed. I’m learning the basic rules of the game (which are similar to those of Magic: The Gathering), hoping to play the game a bit with some of the AWANA clubbers.

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