Saturday, March 31, 2001

As I was passing by a library on Thursday, I stopped in and got an audiobook of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, one of the all-time great treatises on warfare. It turns out to be a translation with a lot of commentary and a very long introduction (the introduction has chapters). I’m about halfway through it now, and I’m enjoying it greatly. I’ve already read the book twice, but it’s worth reviewing every so often.

The sleepover last night went well. Pursuant to The Art of War, I wore my black trenchcoat — unbuttoned, so it flared open impressively — all during Nerf Wars. It seriously intimidated everyone I ran into on the other team, and keeping our team together created a serious fighting force, compared to the other kids who just ran around in random pockets of one or two boys.

I then had a lovely pot of tea (China Oolong) with Suzie at The Tea Cozy in Alexandria. We were the only ones there, and we chatted about chapters 11 through 13 of Spurgeon’s All of Grace (as well as all those little things that one gets sidetracked into discussing with a new friend, such as musical tastes and how we treat books). One of my favorite quotes from All of Grace: “How can we obtain an increase of faith?…We waste time in discussing methods when the action is simple. The shortest way to believe is to believe.” Deep words.

When I got home, I made some brownies (and drizzled some caramel over the top, but it all pooled in the center of the brownie cake…heck, it tastes good), then spent much of the afternoon chatting with Mom and some online friends.

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